The 2017 Good Giving Challenge may be over,  BUT...

The 2017 GoodGiving Challenge may be over, but it means the year is only getting started! 

Thanks to our generous donors, we met our goal of $5000+ in donations. This will be DOUBLED thanks to the dollar for dollar match as part of the challenge! This money allows us to continue to provide the Winchester community with a great youth soccer experience that everyone can enjoy, at an ever evolving facility.

What will donations be used for?

Donations received allows us to continue keeping registration costs low, and pursue improvement projects at our Kroger Youth Soccer Complex, such as our restroom renovation that is already underway, parking expansion, a brand new storage building, and more.

Missed Your Chance to Give?

If you missed your chance to give, but would like to contribute to WYSL in any way (e.g. donations, volunteering, etc.) please contact us.