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WYSL Fall 2015 SCHEULE FOR ALL U12 TEAMS - UPDATED 9/8/15      

       Date                 Time        Day                  Home Team             Away Team            Location   
8/29/2015            Sat          3:00PM                 STRIKERS             THUNDER            Home

8/30/2015            Sun        2:30PM                 THUNDER            Mercer Co. (G)        Home

8/30/2015            Sun        3:30PM                 RAPTORS             Mercer Co. (G)     Home

9/10/2015            Thur       6:30PM                 STRIKERS             Paris T’bolts       Home

9/12/2015            Sat          3:00PM                 Anderson 3         RAPTORS             AWAY

9/13/2015            Sun        3:30PM                 RAPTORS             Anderson Co 2     Home

9/19/2015            Sat          11:00AM              RAPTORS             Mercer Co. (B)     Home

9/19/2015            Sat          12:00PM              Owen Co.            THUNDER            AWAY

9/19/2015            Sat          1:00PM                 STRIKERS             Mercer Co. (B)  Home

9/26/2015            Sat          11:00AM              THUNDER            Anderson Co 3     Home

9/26/2015            Sat          12:30PM              RAPTORS             Paris T’bolts        Home

9/26/2015            Sat          1:00 PM                STRIKERS             Anderson Co 3  Home

10/3/2015            Sat          1:00PM                 STRIKERS             Owen Co.            Home

10/3/2015            Sat          2:00PM                 Paris Galaxy        THUNDER            AWAY

10/4/2015            Sun        1:00PM                 THUNDER            STRIKERS             Home

10/10/2015       Sat          11:00am               THUNDER            Anderson Co 2       Home

10/10/2015         Sat          12:00PM              Owen Co.            STRIKERS             AWAY

10/10/2015         Sat          1:00PM                 Lincoln Bailey     RAPTORS             AWAY

10/10/2015         Sat          2:30PM                 Lincoln #2            RAPTORS             AWAY

10/11/2015         Sun        1:00PM                 STRIKERS       Paris T’bolts                Home

10/17/2015         Sat          1:00PM                 Paris Galaxy        STRIKERS             AWAY

10/17/2015         Sat          2:30PM                 Paris T’bolts        THUNDER            AWAY

10/24/2015         Sat          11:00AM              Paris Galaxy        RAPTORS             AWAY

10/24/2015         Sat          1:00PM                 Boyle Co Red     THUNDER            AWAY

10/25/2015         Sun        1:00PM                 THUNDER            Raptors                 Home

10/25/2015         Sun        3:30PM                 STRIKERS             Raptors                 Home