Winchester Youth Soccer League 

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How can I volunteer?

To volunteer, complete the following steps:

  1. Register as a Coach in our registration tool by signing in and clicking the "Register a Volunteer " button on our Demosphere Registration Page.                                                                                                                     Note: This is the same tool used to register your player, so you can use the same account information you used then.
  2. Email us letting us know if you intend to be a head coach, assistant, etc. Please also note if you are paired with another coach.
  3. Complete the Concussion Training & Abuse Prevention Training using the buttons on your Member Profile within your StackSports account you used to register as a coach.

I've never coached before, what should I do?

We all started where you are, even if we've played the sport ourselves. Here's what we've found to be helpful for planning practices:

  1. Each other -- Other coaches can provide tips and tricks as to what has or hasn't worked for them in the past, as well as how to deal with different scenarios with teaching the various personalities all the players have.
  2. Director of Coaches & Other Board Members -- Please contact our Director of Coaches  anytime you need support. 
  3. Online Resources -- There's plenty of websites and YouTube videos out there, but here's some of our favorites:

US Soccer Learning Center
US Youth Soccer Coaching Resources
Washington Youth Soccer Resources

Where do I practice?

There are various places to practices in the community -- public parks, some churches, and some schools. If you're unsure where these locations are, contact us. If you need to schedule a practice at the Kroger Soccer Complex, contact your Field Scheduler.

What else should I know?

  • Make sure you, your players, and their families are familiar with the Code of Conduct and Social Media policy . Coaches will need to sign the Coach's Pledge, and Families will need to sign the Parent's Pledge acknowledging they have read and agree to follow these policies. (These are provided in your Coach's folder.)
  • Have each player's parent/guardian sign the season's Medical Release Waiver right away BEFORE the player even begins their first practice. (This is provided in your Coach's folder).